Season 5

Your mom is so poor she can’t even pay attention. – Eric Cartman

Preview Season Episode Name Description
Season 5 Episode 1 It Hits the Fan The you-know-what hits the fan 162 times when the citizens of South Park hear the word "Sh*t" on the popular show, "Cop Drama."
Season 5 Episode 2 Cripple Fight Big Gay Al returns to South Park, only to be thrown out as Scoutmaster to the boys for being gay.
Season 5 Episode 3 Super Best Friends Stan, Kyle, Cartman and Kenny discover David Blaine, magician and Cult Leader.
Season 5 Episode 4 Scott Tenorman Must Die Cartman goes medieval on Scott Tenorman's ass when ginger-haired Scott tricks our supple hero into buying his pubic hair for $16.12.
Season 5 Episode 5 Terrance and Phillip: Behind the Blow In the grand tradition of Wham UK, flatulant Canadian superstars, Terrance and Phillip, have broken up over creative differences.
Season 5 Episode 6 Cartmanland Cartman inherits one million dollars from his grandmother, fulfilling his lifelong dream of owning his own amusement park, Cartmanland!
Season 5 Episode 7 Proper Condom Use Thanks to Stan's "handy" work, the children of South Park must endure sex education from the unlikely duo of Mr. Mackey and Ms. Choksondik.
Season 5 Episode 8 Towelie The boys get a new video game system and their plans for the next 38 hours is to play it! Untill they discover Towelie, a government secret.
Season 5 Episode 9 Osama bin Laden Has Farty Pants In the wake of the terrorist attack on the United States, the boys find themselves accidentally sent to Afghanistan.
Season 5 Episode 10 How to Eat with Your Butt Cartman has finally gone too far when a prank involving Kenny's sweet cheeks results in him blowing a "funny fuse."
Season 5 Episode 11 The Entity Kyle’s cousin comes to town and after Kyle sees how stereotypically Jewish his cousin Kyle is, he worries about how Cartman is going to react when he meets him.
Season 5 Episode 12 Here Comes the Neighborhood Feeling like an outcast for being the only rich kid in town, Token succeeds in attracting several other wealthy people to South Park.
Season 5 Episode 13 Kenny Dies In a very special episode of South Park, Cartman fights for Kenny's life when he speaks before Congress in favor of stem cell research.
Season 5 Episode 14 Butters' Very Own Episode Butters finds out what his father has been up to late at night and when his mother hears, she overreacts by trying to kill her son and then herself back at home.