Season 8

Your mom is so poor she can’t even pay attention. – Eric Cartman

Preview Season Episode Name Description
Season 8 Episode 1 Good Times with Weapons South Park takes on the look of Japanese Anime. The boys are transformed into Japanese Warriors after they buy martial arts weapons at a local flea market.
Season 8 Episode 2 Up the Down Steroid Jimmy is in training for an upcoming sporting event and he’s determined to win at any cost. Cartman feels he can easily take first place against Jimmy. He just has to convince the qualifying committee he’s handicapped.
Season 8 Episode 3 The Passion of the Jew Kyle finally sees “The Passion” and is forced to admit Cartman has been right all along.
Season 8 Episode 4 You Got F'd in the A It’s up to Stan to put a team of South Park’s best dancers together to compete against a rival troupe from Orange County.
Season 8 Episode 5 AWESOM-O Cartman dresses up like a robot, calls himself AWESOM-O, and moves in with Butters. His plan is to learn all of Butter’s innermost secrets and then use them against him.
Season 8 Episode 6 The Jeffersons All the children of South Park are attracted to Mr. Jefferson, his son and their home filled with games, toys and animals.
Season 8 Episode 7 Goobacks Humans from the year 4035 are arriving in droves in South Park! Everything gets a little too crowded when people from the future arrive through a recently discovered time portal.
Season 8 Episode 8 Douche and Turd When PETA demonstrates against the use of a cow as South Park Elementary’s mascot, the student body is forced to choose a new one.
Season 8 Episode 9 Something Wall-Mart This Way Comes The streets of South Park are like a ghost-town when a giant Wall-Mart lures all the townspeople to the new store with its incredible bargains.
Season 8 Episode 10 Pre-School For five long years, Stan, Kyle, Kenny, Cartman and Butters have kept a secret about a horrible incident that happened back in pre-school.
Season 8 Episode 11 Quest for Ratings The boys of South Park produce their own morning news show on the school’s closed-circuit television station and are immediately caught up in the intense competition for ratings.
Season 8 Episode 12 Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset All the fourth grade girls idolize a rich, famous and spoiled socialite.
Season 8 Episode 13 Cartman's Incredible Gift After sustaining a severe head injury, Cartman appears to have the power to see into the future.
Season 8 Episode 14 Woodland Critter Christmas Stan is approached by the forest critters and asked to help them build a manger in anticipation of the birth of their Lord and Savior. Stan complies, only to find out that they serve a very different Lord.